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gay dom

Submissive, gay slave gets his torso flogged, ass fucked, jerked off, sucked off and humiliated

Its hard enough as it is to get along with someone in a gay relationship but the pressures in a gay Dom/sub relationship are even harder to bear if one or the other is not careful. Feelings and limbs might get hurt and kinky sex may turn into something really unpleasant, especially for the sub, unfortunately, very often.


This BDSM video shows you how to avoid conflicts, or better yet, how to turn them into your favor when dealing with a Dom/sub relationship. Obviously this masked and gay man has been up to some trouble so his Dom punishes him, tying him down to a wooden piece and having his face covered in latex, only his nose and mouth having an exit. His cock and balls are, of course, too punished and bound in cold steel, a thing that does not seem to make the erection go away.


We will soon to discover that this wooden device is mobile only to heighten the torture of this poor sub that seems to have a never-ending punishment. Master makes his weight a little bit more than he can bear by making him stand naked on that block of wood and pushing him down from time to time.


Being taken off that torture device, the gay man is cuffed to a wooden wall, naked and gets his torso flogged by Master while He jerks off his cock, watching his slave helplessly getting aroused and his torso turning pink from the floggerÆs impact. Being a correct Master, after punishment comes reward and the gay sex slave gets his well-deserved ass-fucking.


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